A well-spent weekend

On Saturday, July 10, 10 volunteers went to the Civís River area to finish the vertical signage we started two months ago, following the directions of the people of Sant Joan Fumat.

The volunteers were: Ramon Bosch, Eusebio Garcia and Xavier Oliver, from Girona, who have worked the most in this area; Paco Penella, Josep Maria Vila and Fr. Xavier Pont, from Lleida; Oscar Tadeo, who came from La Cerdanya; Ramon Camats, from Artesa de Segre; Enrique Tormo, from Barcelona, ​​and Jordi Piferrer, from Vilassar de Dalt.

This weekend’s work consisted of placing signs indicating the old path from Sant Joan Fumat to La Farga de Moles (Camí Ral) and clearing these paths, also reviewing the blue and yellow signs.

As we said in the previous news of June 16, 2021, we have well located and signposted the Camí Ral, which was the path followed by the border carabinieri watching that no one could pass to Andorra. On the other hand, we also have a clean and well-signposted descent path from the Collada de la Torre to the Civís river, which was followed by fugitives and smugglers.

For those who want to delve into the historical events that took place in 1937 in this area of ​​the river Civís, it is interesting to read pages 115 to 128 of the book “Camino de Liberación“.

At the end of the work we went to lunch at the inn La Masia, in Peramola, and then we went to Pallerols where Fr. Xavier celebrated the Eucharist. There we found a group of 35 boys and monitors from the Clubs Lantegui y Noray, in Pamplona, ​​who are spending 15 days making excursions on the Andorra Trail. A few of these boys collaborated by placing a sign indicating section 2 of the road, which runs from Pallerols to La Ribalera.

A day of very intense work and full of satisfaction to have been able to collaborate in the signaling of the way, that will help so many people of all the world that of increasing way go to Pallerols to do this route until Andorra, following the tracks of St. Josemaría and other similar expeditions that followed this route.