Let's do the Andorra path - Routes

They are paths that were used long ago to communicate between the mountain houses scattered throughout this area, also paths of smugglers, paths of fugitives in times of war, paths of cattle farmers and merchants. Direct, attractive paths, very varied and of great beauty.

This route was heavily traveled during the Spanish war from 1936 to 1939, and still in the years immediately after the end of the war. Over the years, it is said that more than 20,000 people traveled this route or others similar to it.
To properly document this itinerary, we have consulted writings about various expeditions to Andorra and we have spoken to quite a few people who took this path by different itineraries.

The main documents we have been able to obtain have been diaries and other very complete writings of some members of an expedition that followed this route at the end of November 1937. This expedition consisted of about 20 people led by a young guide, 23 years old, whose name was Josep Cirera. Among these people was a 35-year-old priest named Josemaria Escrivà de Balaguer.

Below these lines is the photo of the group that along with Mn.
Josemaria Escrivà de Balaguer, arrived in Andorra on December 2, 1937.

(Photo taken next to the church of Andorra la Vella, by Andorran photographer Valentí Claverol)

Photo archive Valentí Claverol: 3 photos of expeditioners.

It has not been an easy task to recover all these paths, since after more than 40 years of not traveling on them, many of them were completely lost and full of bushes and brambles. Recovering them and making them passable again is an incentive for us because of what it represents as a nexus of union with our ancestors, thus recovering part of our history and our cultural heritage.

We organize monthly Walks along the Route, which we will include in one of the six sections as appropriate, and which give real and very valuable information about the entirety of the Camí d’Andorra.

To obtain more detailed information about the entire route, you can consult the book “Camí d’Andorra”, Barcelona 2017, by Jordi Piferrer Deu. It is in 3 languages: Catalan, Spanish and English. We will publish all the variations we discover about this Path through this website, so that we will continuously update this book.

It is an essential book to be able to safely reach all the places that mark the historical route. These are paths that have been certified by experts in the area. You will also find alternative routes along paths parallel to the Historic Path.

You can place your order, at the price of €25, through our website.

The profusion of details that some of the expeditioners transmit to us in their writings has allowed us to discover the route they followed. In this sense, this expedition constitutes a very reliable sample of what other similar expeditions did.

The most significant testimony was given by the expedition guide, Josep Cirera, who confirmed the route they followed. We have been able to speak with him many times since 2004. Although he was 90 years old at the time, he remembered this expedition well, and his information has been very valuable in determining the itinerary.

All the paths of the route have been certified by many people in the area.