Pallerols de Rialb

Pallerols de Rialb is one of the population centers that are part of the Barony of Rialb. Each of these centers was made up of many houses and farmhouses scattered around the territory and they tended to have a center around a church and school.

Pallerols was a passage area for many expeditions during the years 1936-1939. The events that happened at dawn on November 22, 1937 have led to the celebration of the Meeting of the Rose Festival every year around this date.

On November 20, 1937, the first members of an expedition from Madrid and Valencia arrived in Cal Vilaró de Pallerols, where there was a priest called Josemaria Escrivà de Balaguer.

The night of the 21st was spent in the church of Pallerols, in the upper part of the larger apse. For this priest, it was a night of intense inner suffering as he doubted whether it was right, or not, to continue to Andorra, or else he should return to Madrid. It seemed to him that by running away he was not doing God’s will, which was an immense torture for him, to the point of spending the whole night crying and begging God and his Mother, Santa Maria, to give him proof that he was doing well by continuing the trip to Andorra.

At dawn on the new day, November 22, he went down to the church that had been ransacked months before and immediately found on the floor a rose of golden wood, which for him meant the proof he had requested.