We’ll be coming back!

From June 25 to 30, a group of girls from Pamplona have visited: Pallerols, the Cabaña de San Rafael, Peramola, the Casa del Corb, the Ribalera, crossing the Valldarques and Sallent rivers, climbing the Barranc de Comalavall, reaching the house of Fenollet, Santa Fe, río de Civís, Mas d’Alins, Andorra.

The Pamplona group briefly summarizes their adventure with these words.

“Little prepared we came for what was ahead of us. We were not aware of what this coexistence entailed… Long walks, long laughs, falls, tiredness, friendships, amazing landscapes, and all the historical content that this path hides behind.

We have been a little more aware of what the Pyrenees Pass really was and little by little we have been getting into the characters who made it.

We took away much more than we could have hoped for; we did not know how much can be learned in 5 days.

And for all this, thank you very much!

Greetings from Pamplona,

See you next year”.

In Coll de Jou, in sight of Sant Julià de Lòria, they have remembered what Pedro Casciaro wrote in 1975:

At dawn, the contemplation of the peaceful village of Sant Julià made us finally understand that the long nightmare of crossing the Pyrenees had ended: that we were finally free. In thanksgiving, once those of us in our group were left alone, the Father began the Salve again —this time out loud—, which we all recited slowly, with deep fervor and gratitude to the Virgin. Thus, the Father channeled our joy in this act of love for our Mother who, once again, had shown her mercy with her Work. When later recalling some of the many incidents experienced from Barcelona to Andorra, the Father liked to refer to that period of our life, calling it our path of liberation.