From Baronía de Rialb to Baronía del Cielo As was announced, last 24th of July at 11am, we had a mass to pray for Domingo Inglavaga, “el Minguet”, who died last 20th of May. He helped so much in the search and retrieve of the traditional trails, which constitute the Route to Andorra at Baronía de Rialb district.
Due his enthusiasm, generosity and dedication, “el Minguet” was a man who was loved and that is what those attending showed. We were 70 persons: Many people from Baronía de Rialb, relatives and friends of Minguet. Also attended some boys that were at a Work Camp.
The priest celebrating the mass was Mn. Ignasi Fabregat, who was attending a Work Camp these days. At the homily the importance of the pray for the deceased was stressed and it was glossed thought of Pope Benedict XVI recalling that at the time of death we are all alone, although we have loved ones beside: Nobody can help this decisive time of our live. However, we have in this moment -and always- the company of Christ. He quote Psalm: “Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil; For you are with me”.This has to give us confidence and serenity in the moment of death, where we pass through a valley full of dangers and darkness, but in which Christ is beside us, who takes us by the hand to the green prairies of Heaven. After the mass we spent some time with the relatives and friends of Trini, Minguet’s wife, and his sister who also attended.
It was a fraternal morning with people from Rialb and other distant lands.
Minguet has already passed from Baronía de Rialb to Heaven Baronía, where there are no fatigue, nor crying, nor pain, and where all is light, happiness and peace.
We will always remember him as a great “Friend of Pallerols”.