A very good experience absolutely recommended

They send us the following chronicle

From the 1st to the 4th of April, a group of 15 university students from the Bonaigua College, in Barcelona, ​​have been to Pallerols to live a few different days, enjoying the Pyrenean landscape of Lleida, making excursions and living the Week Santa near the places where St. Josemaría, with some of his companions, made the crossing of the Pyrenees to reach Andorra.

We were a group from very different backgrounds: Barcelona, ​​Lleida, Girona … and also from other countries, such as Mexico and Colombia, which has greatly enriched coexistence. On the first day, when we arrived, Ramon received us, to explain in detail each of the corners of the church of Sant Esteve de Pallerols, the rectory, the refuge and the history of the Pass of the Pyrenees of Sant Josemaria. That same afternoon we walked to the San Rafael cabin, where we were able to have lunch and have a chat. In the afternoon, we celebrated Holy Thursday Mass in St. Stephen’s Church.

We all settled in with sleeping bags and mattresses in the bedroom area of ​​the refuge, a large space where we could all sleep. The facilities of the refuge surprised us very positively: the kitchen was perfectly equipped, so we were able to cook everything we wanted and the fireplace was key to make the atmosphere warm and not get cold in any way moment.

These have been very friendly days, in which the excursions in the area have been the main protagonists and, despite the unfavorable prognosis, the good weather has accompanied us at all times. On Friday we went to the hermitage of Sant Miquel de Vilaplana and from there we went down to the Rialb reservoir, where the bravest could bathe. On Saturday we went up the mountain to the Corb House and the Coll de Mur in the direction of the Ribalera ravine. Finally, because we got lost at some point along the way, we could not reach the Ribalera, but we did climb to the top of a peak that, although it was not planned, allowed us to enjoy the views of all the Peramola Valley. We had lunch in a mountain clearing and after lunch, we returned by the path where we had come, towards Pallerols de Rialb.

We were able to participate in the Holy Week services in the town of Oliana, Good Friday and Easter Sunday Vigil. We were very well received by the parishioners of the parish, who also let us have a choir during the celebrations, especially on Holy Saturday. Aina played the organ, Judit played the violin, and the rest of the group accompanied the voices.

It has been a very good experience and absolutely recommended. We have all learned a lot about the history of the area, we have been able to enjoy nature and we have greatly strengthened the friendship between us. The good weather has allowed us to have lunch outside every day, and to do all the excursions we had planned.

We will definitely be back soon!