A historic visit

Last October 30th and 31st, five people from Paris (Francia): Pierre, Michel, Olivier, Amar (from Siria, but lives in Paris), and Paul (From Quebec-Canada, who also lives in Paris), visited the Crossing of the Pyrenees.

They arrived at Escaldes-Engordany (Andorra) at 8 pm on Saturday, 30th October. After dinner they visited the places where St. Josemaría stayed from the 2nd to the 10th of December, 1937: Hotel Palacín, Hotel Montaña, the ancient church of Escaldes, the bars Burgos and Central, the College of the Holy Family and the College of Meritxell, of the Benedictines of Montserrat. They used the book “Andorra: Land of Welcome” as their guide.

The next day, October 31, after attending Mass at 8 am in Les Escaldes, they left towards Andorra la Vella to visit the church where St. Josemaria celebrated Mass on December 4, 1937. Then they visited the church of Sant Julià de Loria.

Once they crossed the Andorran border they went to visit the area of Argolell, where they saw the forest and Borda de Lluçà, the villages of Argolell and Arduix, and Mas d’Alins in Andorra. Then they arrived to the river of Civís to see the cliff Barranc de la Cabra Morta. They visited the river Aravell and the villages of Organyà and Nargó de Coll. Soon they reached the bridge of Peramola, at the beginning of the road to Andorra, and then the village of Peramola itself. In the Fonda La Masia they got their strength back with a hearty lunch. After eating, they visited the Pajar de Peramola and the houses where Mateo “the Milkman” and “the Twang” were born.

At about 4 pm they arrived to Pallerols, where they visited the church: the Virgin of Roser, the Rose, etc. Later they went to the “oven”, and from there they saw the houses of Vilaró i l’Ampurdanès – all very exciting for them.

They continued on foot towards the Hut of San Rafael, where they saw the mountain of Aubenç. Then they visited the Pond and returned on foot to Pallerols.

It was a great journey, because in two days they relived the whole itinerary made by St. Josemaría from November 19, 1937, when he came to Peramola, until December 10 of that same year when he crossed the French-Andorran border of Pas de la Casa.

It was also a historical journey, because it is the first expedition from Paris to Pallerols.

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