Like many other groups, they too have passed through Pallerols

We attach a chronicle sent by a girl from Club Prado, from Mexico

In July 2023 we contacted Jordi to help us plan Saint Josemaría’s journey through the Pyrenees and from there our adventure began; He presented us with different routes, adjusted to the time we had. We chose a small plan: Pallerols, Peramola, Casa del Corb, general view of La Ribalera. Everything seemed incredible to us, just thinking that we would walk where our Father and his companions walked, in disadvantaged conditions.

On July 29 we started our excursion. First stop, Oliana; there we were received by Ramón, one of the promoters of the Camino de Andorra, who guided us to the church and rectory of Pallerols. There we were able to see the place where Saint Josemaría spent the painful night of November 21-22, 1937, and the place where he found -in the church- the Stewed Rose, a sign with which God indicated the path to follow.

We settled in the refuge and the rectory, prepared a lunch and started our way to the Saint Raphael Cabin. We walked for half an hour until we came to the cabin, the place where Saint Josemaría spent 5 days waiting to leave for Andorra. We were able to enter the cabin and later Ramón told us what Saint Josemaría had experienced during those days.

Our second stop was in Peramola from where we headed to Casa del Corb. The road implied the ascent of a slope, for us pronounced, and we made an effort to walk it; some had to take a short break but finally we all reached the rock of Corb’s house; a spectacular place. Going down a bit we could see the Ribalera, where Saint Josemaría celebrated his last mass before arriving in Andorra. It was worth the effort and the exhaustion.

In this place, Ramon told us about Saint Josemaría’s journey until he reached Andorra. We were impressed by contemplating the journey that -during 5 nights- Saint Josemaria and his companions made, without adequate equipment, in the dark and hidden.