Crossing mountains, at night, to freedom

22 km of route, 1,600 metres of positive slope, 24 walkers, 16 volunteers, a splendid day, a formidable atmosphere and a perfect organisation by Toni Cucurull, from Lleida.

The walkers came from Lleida, Andorra, La Seo d’Urgell, Barcelona, Sant Cugat de Vallès, Terrassa, Artesa de Segre, …

The ages of the walkers were between 75 and 2 years old (a girl on the shoulders of her father, Jaume Merola).

The “Rosa del Nord” walk corresponds to the last stretch of the journey made by Saint Josemaría Escrivá on the night of December 1 to 2, 1937, so that this year -81 years later- has coincided with the same dates.

The “Rosa del Nord” wants to relive, in some way, the entry into Andorra of some evasive expeditions that walked at night, with little food, a lot of cold, frequent falls, and so on. It is a self-sufficient walk, that is to say that each one must bring his own food. Only a few drinks are given. That is why it is not surprising that 5 of the walkers of this year’s edition abandoned the walk before crossing the Andorran border, due to poor footwear, cold, poor nutrition, tiredness, etc.

The Walk started at the surroundings of theGolf of Aravell at 14:45 and ended at the Sports Centre of Sant Julià de Lòria, between 21:00 and 24:00 h. The fastest took about 6 hours and the slowest about 9 hours.

The volunteers were placed in the Collada de la Torre, in the river Civís, in the village of Argolell, in Mas d’Alins and in the Borda del Ginebra (next to the Borda del Gastó), that very kindly leaves us every year Carlos Álvarez Marfany, Minister of Health of the Government of Andorra. Finally, in the Sports Centre of Sant Julià de Lòria there were other volunteers who prepared bread with tomato, sausages, cocas, drinks, fruit, etc., to redo a little to the walkers when they arrived.

We must also thank Esther, the owner of the house of the Pardines, who attended the walkers with hot drinks in front of her house.