3 work teams were made

On Saturday, February 12, we will gather 14 volunteers to carry out signaling work on the Camí d’Andorra. The work consisted of placing information panels at the beginning of stages 5 and 6.

There were three teams, Team 1: Octavi Quintana, Ramon Camats, Jordi Pérez, Daniel Macià and William Díaz. Team 2: Emilio de Gomis, Josep Maria Vila, Jordi Miralbell and Jordi Piferrer. Team 3: Mn. Xavier Pont, Pedro Júdez, Octavio Rico, José Juan Crespo and Enrique Tormo.

Team 1 moved to Pla de la Caubella, the beginning of stage 6, which is the last of the Camí d’Andorra. Team 2 worked in La Borda de Conorbau, with the placement of the stage 5 information panel. And team 3 moved to Pallerols: while some were doing measurements inside the church, others were preparing a lunch for all.

At 3 in the afternoon, the two teams that had done work in the mountains arrived in Pallerols and we all celebrated the good work done, with the magnificent lunch that team 3 had prepared.

At the end of the lunch, we had a visit from 4 girls from Venezuela, Mexico-USA, Ecuador and Barcelona.

Finally came the relatives of Miquel Bach, a good friend of Pallerols, who died on January 22. We celebrated Mass for him. Then they visited the rectory.

All in all, a very full day with work on signage, archeology, gastronomy and attention to visitors who are increasingly coming to Pallerols.

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