Sign up for the work we will do on March 11

As you know, every second Saturday of the month a group of volunteers do maintenance work on the Andorra Trail. This past Saturday, February 11, we were a group of 16 people and we did work on the route that goes from Pont del Codó to Coll de Santa Fe, passing through Fenollet. A total of about 12 km with a positive gradient of 680 m, and a negative of 150 m.

We will divide this route into 3 sections:

Section 1.- From Pont del Codó to the farmhouse of Les Cases. The team in charge of this stretch was the couple Emilio de Gomis – Eva Vila, with their 3 children.
Section 2.- From the farmhouse of Les Cases to Fenollet. The team in charge of this section was: Octavio Rico, William Díaz and Fr. Xavier Pont.
Section 3.- From Fenollet to the Coll de Santa Fe. The team in charge of this section was: Jordi Pérez, Octavi Quintana and Josep Maria Vila.

There was still a fourth team that was dedicated to support tasks and transport of material and personnel. It was the team formed by: Jordi Piferrer, Ramon Camats and Enrique Tormo.

A fifth team made up of Andorrans Diana Salas and Xavier Zabala walked a significant part of the route.

At 3 o’clock in the afternoon we will all arrive in Fenollet with the work completed. There we held a small piscolabis to celebrate the success of the work.

We will end the well-spent day, at the Pallerols church where Mn. Xavier celebrated mass.

We will meet again on March 11 to continue the maintenance work from the Coll de Santa Fe to the River of Cabó.