The past 3rd of June we celebrated the traditional celebration of Santa Maria de Feners, in Argolell.

Since immemorial times, every year on the 1st of June a solemn Mass with three priests was celebrated, preceded by a procession that went from the town of Argolell to the Romanic chapel, in which there was also a Romanic stature of the Virgin Mary, under dedication of the Santa Maria de Feners church.

After more than 40 years without celebrating it, since 3 years a go we have started to celebrate it again. This year we did it on Saturday 3rd and we gathered 26 people: 16 of the area of Valls de Valira, with representation of the houses of the town, Cal Caminal, Cal Martí, Cal Pauet, Cal Batista and Cal Mariano. Also 10 people of other parts of Catalonia – Girona, Lleida and Barcelona – attended.

Three days before the celebration, volunteers had got rid of all the ruins that were inside and had cleaned the chapel so that on Saturday 3rd the saint Mass could be celebrated at the proper chapel, something that hadn’t been done for many years. During previous years we had held the celebration at the church of Argolell.

Priest Norbert Estarriol, from Lleida, celebrated the Mass. At the sermon he glossed three aspects of the celebration: Pentecostal, the celebration of June 1st in honour of the Virgin Mary and the memory of the pass of saint Josemaría Escrivá by this same place in 1937, on his way to Andorra. He remembered the message of saint Josemaría of sanctifying us in ordinary life, underlining two essential values of the person: family and work.

In the Memento of the deceased of the Mass, we remembered those who have left us during the last months: Pere Fusté, of Cal Sintet, that died on April 3rd, 2005; Hermínia Bonfill, of Cal Pauet, who died on October 15th,2005; Maria Alrich, mother of the present mayor, who died on February 24th, 2006.

Once the saint Mass had finished we formulated concrete plans to reconstruct the chapel. All those present showed their desire of completing the project, with the firm goal of having the restoration works finished on the next October 1st, on which another celebration was held, dedicated in this occasion to people of Arduix. A constructor of the area, Ferreira Brothers, was present and agreed to do it in less than a week. The mayor of Valls de Valira, Pere Artigues committed himself to get rid of the ruins and to clean the surroundings thoroughly, as well as to look for an official subvention.

Francesc Bordoll, of Cal Caminal, will give us one or two lambs, the day that the reconstruction works of the chapel are finished. The weather was very pleasant and we enjoyed a good time sharing some nice moments with the people of these regions of the Pyrenees, touching the border with Andorra.