A priest passionate about Pallerols and everything we do to make the world aware of the path that Saint Josemaria followed in 1937

Last June 8 he died in Tarragona Mn. Lluís Raventós, priest of Opus Dei, at the age of 89. On the website of Opus Dei Catalunya you can see a brief likeness of his rich personality.

In relation to the escape adventure towards Andorra of Saint Josemaria Escrivà, in 1937, Mn. Lluís was one of the first to accompany Juan Jiménez Vargas in the discovery of some areas of the route from Oliana to Andorra.

He began his investigations in June 1961, when together with Josep Rossinyol, from Manresa, they went to Peramola and spoke with Tonillo and Josep Boix, from Juncàs.

In 1964 he was ordained a priest and later, in 1971, he went to live in Lleida. It was from here that together with other people from Lleida and always accompanied by the people of Peramola, and -with sporadic visits from Juan Jiménez Vargas- they made a more in-depth discovery of the places and people who had met Saint Josemaria l year 1937, especially in the area of Peramola, Pallerols, El Corb and Ribalera. In 1982 he wrote a report with drawings of all the information he had collected.

In the photos accompanying this news we can see Mn. Lluís with the first contacts of the people of Peramola; later, we see him alone in the Ribalera; we also attach a drawing he made of the Espluga de les Vaques, in the ravine of the Ribalera, marking the place where Saint Josemaria celebrated mass on November 28, 1937; and finally we attach a photograph from the year 2004, already as a priest, in a gathering in Tarragona with what was then the prelate of Opus Dei, Mons. Javier Echevarria.

Mr. Lluís, an exemplary priest who has helped us a lot in everything that we have been able to continue in the discovery of the route from Oliana to Andorra and in the historical documents that justify this route.