Boys from Málaga, Valencia and Lleida in the pass of the Pyrenees

From June 25 to 30, a group of 28 boys from Malaga, Valencia and Lleida, accompanied by some parents and also two priests, have made the traditional Pallerols- Andorra trail, in total about 85 km, which for 10 years it is done uninterruptedly at this time when the boys have finished the school year.

Last year, because of the Covid, it could not be done and therefore this year there was a greater interest in doing it. Some of the expedition members were already veterans of previous calls, but the majority were new and had a great interest in taking this journey, following in the footsteps of Saint Josemaría on his way to freedom, which he carried out in the autumn of 1937.

One more year has been an excellent opportunity to grow human and spiritually. The atmosphere of camaraderie has been fantastic among the young people from three different areas and cultures. Although the boys did not know each other, an affinity quickly developed between all of them, united by the effort, the supernatural sense, and especially the company of Saint Josemaría during the walks.

Among so many anecdotes, we can tell that one of the days coincided with the Spain-Croatia soccer match. As the game was getting longer because of the extension, the dilemma arose whether they attended the celebration of the Eucharist or continued to watch the game. The boys decided to attend Mass and skip the end of the game. At the end of the mass and knowing the result, everyone agreed that the sacrifice had been worth it.

As we already know from previous years, also on this occasion the experience has been very enriching, so once again we strongly recommend that many groups come along this path to spend a few days in contact with nature and relive the experiences in some way of so many people who have traveled these roads in search of the freedom that was denied them because of totalitarian ideologies, of a different kind, that forced them to leave their usual places to look for other lands and people who would respect them.

Today also in so many parts of the world there are people persecuted for their cultural, ethnic and religious beliefs who are forced to emigrate to other countries to preserve their lives and practice their beliefs in freedom.