Reliving the 28th of November, 1937
Last November 27th we made the trek from Peramola to La Ribalera, remembering the route made by St. Josemaria the night of the 27th and the morning of November the 28th, 1937.
We varied the route with respect to last year, when we went first to Pallerols and the hut of San Rafael and then towards the Corb. This year we went straight to the House of Corb from Peramola.

We left Peramola at around 10 am. We passed the barn where Saint Josemaría rested the night of the 19th to the 20th of November, 1937, we continued by the Font del Cané and up to the road of Cortiuda. A little beyond the turnoff to Montlleví -on the left- we climbed directly to the House of Corb along a track whose beginning is indicated with a blue mark. This meets up with the road called “Route of Corb”.

Upon arriving at the House of Corb we read some historical texts relating to the night of November 27th, 1937.

We continued to advance towards La Ribalera, through Coll de Mu, the Torrent de les Caubes and after passing by the house of Santpou we arrived at 14.30 to Espluga de las Vacas, in the Gully of La Ribalera, where we again read more historical documents that transported us to the events of 1937.

Then, Msgr. Norbert Estarriol celebrated Mass, as St. Josemaria had in this same place, -now 73 years ago- when he arrived in the morning of the 28th.

Antonio Dalmases, one of the expeditionaries, wrote this in his diary of 1937:

Here takes place the most exciting event of the trip: Holy Mass. Kneeling on a rock, almost lying on the ground, a priest who travels with us says Mass. He doesn’t pray like the other priests of the Churches. He speaks the prayers aloud, almost crying and we imitate, some lying, some kneeling (…) I have never heard a Mass like today, I am not sure if it is because of the circumstances or because the celebrant is a Saint.

After Mass, we had a great meal consisting of what everyone brought. Of course, we didn’t miss grilled sausages, a gift from some of the walkers who came well provisioned and thinking of others.

After lunch we returned by another route, following the path made by the expedition guide, Josep Cirera: from La Ribalera to Juncàs. This last trail is indicated with yellow roundels.

In total we were about 45 people, including more than 15 children who accompanied their parents, people from Barcelona, Girona, Lleida, Igualada and Solsona.

In short: a splendid walk because of the quality of the walkers, good weather, magnificent landscapes, enriched by the memories and experiences of the expedition of Saint Josemaría as well as many other expeditions that had to go through these places at night with fear and suffering.

We’ll expect you for the next walk on December 12th: Climb to the mountain of Aubenç by the Channel of Jaça , setting up a Nativity at the House of Aubenç and making a good Paella, which will be provided by specialists of Igualada and Lleida.
We will meet in Oliana -in front of the restaurant Palau- at 9.45 am, to leave punctually at 10 am.
If you can, please bring all-terrain vehicles.