Very complete visit to the Parishes of Escaldes, Andorra la Vella and Sant Julià de Lòria

On Saturday, January 14, a group of 16 people took a guided tour of Andorra following in the footsteps of Saint Josemaria Escrivà.
The group was made up of: Carme Torcuato, Alfons Clavera, Míriam Monferrer, Carles Miquel, Conxita Heras, Bella Pérez, Diana Salas, Antoni Ferradàs, Daniel López, Sophie Young, Laura Losmozos, Audrey Weiss, Diane, Jorge, Joy and Jordi Pifferer as a guide.
The aim of the visit was to follow the places where Saint Josemaria was from December 2 to 10, 1937, on his way to escape during the Spanish Civil War.
At 11 in the morning, we will meet in front of the Escaldes church and then we will go to Hotel Palacin, which is currently called Hotel Siracusa. The Saint Josemaria group spent the night in this hotel from December 2 to 10. We will settle in the living-dining room and there we will explain the entire itinerary, reading the historical testimonies of the expeditioners of the year 1937 and which are collected in the book “Camino de Liberación”, by Jordi Piferrer. Conxita Heras completed the exhibition with very appropriate comments to place us in the atmosphere of the time.
After the exhibition, we visited the places in Escaldes that we had described.
Next we will go to the church of Andorra la Vella where we will continue with the explanations.
Finally, we will go to Mas d’Alins to see the place where the expedition entered Andorra on the night of December 1 to 2. Arriving at the Oratory of Canòlich, we will read more historical documents and finally we will go down to the church of Sant Julià de Lòria to see the statue of Saint Josemaria and where we will also be able to see the work of the artist Rupnik.
A Saturday morning very well spent and which will also serve so that all the attendees can act as guides to the many people who are increasingly coming to Andorra to follow in the footsteps of Saint Josemaria.