5th and 6th of February
This past February 5th and 6th a group of girls from Caliu Association of Sabadell, hiked a few stretches of the Road to Andorra.
They attended Mass at 9 am at the Cathedral of La Seu d’Urgell and then went to Cal Roger to start the hike of the first day which ran from Cal Roger up to Civís River.
There were a total of 16 people with a van and 2 small cars. Before starting the trek, they left one of the cars by the river Civís to have it there for when they would arrive later on.
Patricia Bardinet tells us.
– Saturday, February 5th: From Cal Roger to the river Civís

“We went down the N-145 to Aravell and Bellestar. We departed with Bellestar on our left and continued until Cal Roger. Birds of prey with red bodies flew in circles above us in a spotless blue sky and there we left the two cars and started walking, first following the trail about 5 minutes and on a curve the trail entered the forest between the trees and shrubs of the mountain. We started walking at 11.30 am.

We climbed a steep path through the forest marked with blue and yellow. At a break in the shade of the tree branches we reminded these new young hikers what this path means: a path typically used by smugglers and fugitives during the Spanish Civil War, like the fugitives from the expedition of St. Josemaria Escriva -in 1937- called the Crossing of the Pyrenees, and on other occasions as well.

We continued walking to El Collado de la Torre, where we had a pitched battle of snowballs, and at 12.40 pm we continued walking along the tracks of wild boars and moles. Mariona found a majestic raptor feather and a dinosaur shinbone from the Jurassic for the future paleographic museum of Pallerols.

We turned to the west, intentially, between pines and shrubs, leaving multiple traces in the snow for the ones behind, up to the geodesic point of Roc de la Guardia of 1,757 m, where we ate something. It was 2.45 pm.

We went down in the evening, at 3.15 pm, up to Civís River, through the snow, then rhododendrons with snow, the frozen river, and finally, moss. In a clearing it was difficult to follow the track again which was on the left and then up to the road, where the drivers got in the car, which previously we had left. They went to retrieve the van and the other car in Cal Roger.

Meanwhile, the other girls continued walking along the road to the campground Frontera. Going down, we passed the sign indicating the way up to the Cabra Morta which is very clear at the beginning. The wall is very impressive. We arrived to the campground and one hour later they came with the cars to pick us up.
Then we went with the two cars to Sant Julià de Lòria, left one of the cars at the exit of the bridge over the river Valira, which is where the tour would continue on Sunday, February 6th.”

Note .- Patricia Bardinet made the following video

– Sunday, February 6th: from Argolell to Mas d’Alins and Sant Julià de Lòria.

“After going to Cabó for mass at ten, we headed to Argolell: It was 11 am. We passed Argolell and on the approriate curve we followed the signals along the steep path through the forest, gaining about 300 m of altitude up to Mas d’Alins. There we found a litter of brand new “barkers” (at Mas d’Alins there are many dogs) and once again on the road we climbed to the next Mas. After going through the gate, we also passed the antenna and took the wide path on the left which goes through the forest. We left the forest going down until we reached the picnic tables, it was 1.45 pm. We finished by drinking hot chocolate under the pines.

At 2.30 pm we started going down. The signs on the road changed from blue and yellow -characteristic of the Road to Andorra- to a round yellow ones, as these are the signs used in Andorra. We arrived first to the village of Fontaneda and then we continued going down to Sant Julia de Loria crossing the road repeatedly and enjoying the magnificent view over the valley of Valira. We thus arrived at 4.15 pm to the bridge over the river, where sat the car we left the previous day.

We went by car to Argolell to pick up the truck and the other car and went back home at 4.45 pm.

It was a comprehensive walk, with magnificent days, that allowed us to relive the experiences of the expeditions of escape of so many people who fled persecution of the intolerance of others.”