As it had been programmed, the beginning of the Long Walks of the Passage of the Pyrenees were completed with a big success, with the stretch of the first section of the route, following the indications of the book Camí d’Andorra (“Passage to Andorra”), that, by the way, we strongly recommend, so that one can walk safely along these routes.

This first section, that goes from Oliana to Pallerols, can also be called “Route of the Virgin Maries”, since on our way we come across four hermitages that are dedicated to the Virgin Mary: Virgin Mary of Castell-llebre, Virgin Mary of the Grace of Cal Boix, Virgin Mary of the Rosal of Peramola and Virgen Mary of the Rosal of Pallerols.

Altogether a group of 10 people have taken part in this first long walk. 10 people from different parts of Catalonia: 2 from Girona, 1 from Lleida, 3 from Terrasa and 4 from Barcelona.

With a delay of half an hour, at 10.30 in the morning, we initiated the route ascending in first place to the Hermitage of the Virgin Mary of Castell-llebre, a hermitage fixed very well by the family of Juncàs, and from where one can contemplate splendid views over Aubenç and Oliana.

Next we went down to Peramola passing along side the Cal Boix Hostel, where one can admire the hermitage of the Grace of Cal Boix. Passing behind the hostel and following the path of Nerola we arrived at the hermitage of the Virgin Mary of the Rosal of Peramola, just after entering the town, at about 12,50 hrs. We ate something at the fountain of the town and continued, at around 13,20 hrs, towards the fountain of Cané and the old road of Sant Marc.

Following this way we arrived at the house of Sant Marc, from where magnificent views can be contemplated. Continuing along the track, we arrived at Pallerols at around 16.00 hrs. Pere Sala of Cal Vilaró was waiting for us there and opened the door of the church. We thank Sala once more for the constant favours that he does for all the people that visit these lands, Just after we arrived, Monsignor Xavier celebrated a holy Mass with the attendance of all the components of the expedition and of Domingo Inglavaga, a friend of ours that has accompanied us in several expeditions of cleaning paths and that was at Pallerols by chance. Once the holy Mass finished, we prayed a thanksgiving Hail Mary to the Virgin Mary of the Roser de Pallerols.

With this excursion, we have initiated our intention of completing a different stretch every month until completing the 6 routes that take us from Oliana to Andorra.