At night, without light and in silence

“Did they do this at night? No flashlights? Silent? If it is difficult during the day and you slip, I don’t even want to imagine what it would be like to do it at night”. This and other similar thoughts are the ones that came to our minds as we walked the steps that Saint Josemaría and thousands of refugees took to try to reach Andorra, escaping almost certain death.

Having as base camp the rectory of Pallerols and having situated ourselves in the events prior to the discovery of the Rose of Pallerols, thanks to Ramon who was our guide during these days, we followed the blue and yellow marks that indicate the route.

On the first day, we celebrated Mass at the Saint Raphael Cabin. Nature served as an altarpiece and, in our memory, images of what Saint Josemaría experienced in that place assailed us. In the afternoon we go to the Casa del Corb and the Ribalera. The next day we left for Fenollet’s house.

At nine the experience has helped us to better understand what Saint Josemaría lived through and all the unknown refugees who had to cross those hard mountains in the dark and in silence. Of course, we better understood an essential part of the history of Opus Dei during the years of the Spanish civil war.