At 10.00h we met at the place we had agreed to, in front of the hotel Betriu of Coll de Nargó. 10 members of the expedition to do the long walk from the river of Valldarques to the river of Cabó. Altogether we walked about 6 long hours, with two ascents and two descents: the first ascent is of about 440 meters to arrive at Fenollet, and the second of about 300 meters to arrive at Coll de Santa Fe, passing along the Channel of Grau del Fangueret. The accumulation of ascents and descents was of about 800 metres.

Good weather accompanied us throughout the entire Long walk, even though sometimes it was close of raining, but finally the clouds scattered.

At Fenollet we had the occasion to greet Eugeni Coll Campà, owner of the house, who in 1937 was about 14 years old and knows well the expeditions that passed by his house, and we also greeted his daughter Rosa, present housekeeper of the house, who will take good care of you if you decide to spend a few days at this house, that presently is a Farmer House of Rural Tourism.

We must emphasize that on this Long walk we were joined by two 10 year old children who walked very well, which proves that this way to Andorra, which we are opening and marking, can be walked by all kinds of people, as long as they have a minimum training and habit of walking around mountains.