Come to Pallerols to celebrate your anniversaries

It is true that in my 54 years never two onomastic celebrations were the same but the latter has been particularly special. Without a doubt, being able to celebrate it in the Pallerols de Rialb environment has been decisive, but what has made me particularly happy is to have enjoyed it with my whole family. My two older daughters had never been to Pallerols, something unforgivable, but the occasion deserved it and we presented there on Saturday, January 28, just at the time of the Angelus.

The priest Pere Pascual had the generosity to accompany us on this cold morning of menacing fog and thanks to that we celebrated the Mass of the Virgin and asked for the new Prelate of Opus Dei, Mons. Fernando Ocáriz. It was a pleasure to meet some good friends from Barcelona there, who helped to warm up the simple ceremony. The homily of the priest Pere, which was beautiful, made us relive the events of St. Josemaria in the autumn of 1937.

After the mass, Jordi shared his wisdom of everything related to St. Josemaría and Pallerols with us, through an unforgettable guided tour around all the dependencies of the restored rectory, following the steps in the same order as St. Josemaría had done after his arrival at the place.

Particularly endearing was the visit to the so-called “oven”, where St. Josemaría spent that painful night of November 21-22 before finding the gilt relief Rose on the floor of the church, which filled him with peace and joy.

Although we could not visit the hut of San Rafael, we did not want to leave the area without visiting the haystack of Peramola, where, on the night of November 19 to 20, Saint Josemaría and his companions spent the night.

I want to thank my good friends who, with their presence and their affection, made the family feel privileged spectators of this historical scenario.