The past April 1st an important section of the Baridà area was marked and cleaned.

There were two teams: One formed by three engineer geologists of a collaborating company, and another one formed by three Philippine boys and two monitors of the Braval Club of Barcelona.

The section that goes from the quarry of Noves de Segre to the Bordeta of Baridà. We remind you that the expedition of 1937 rested here on November 30th .

Workshops with young people in summer 2005

1. “Friends of the Route from Pallerols de Rialb to Andorra Association” has organized this summer three workshops with young people of different regions: Girona, Lleida, Barcelona, Tarragona and Vic. Altogether 40 people have participated.

2. They have carried out the following tasks:

– Cleaning and marking of the route that goes from the river of Sallent to the river of Cabó, passing through Fenollet, where the boys of the first workshop lived.

– Cleaning and marking of the old route that goes from Peramola to Pallerols, passing through Sant Marc, and placing of signposts that indicate the route that goes to Cabana and Basa of Sant Rafael.

– Cleaning of the inside of the church of Pallerols, especially the sacristy, and discovery of the Romanic part of the church. Also cleaning and marking of the final part of the way that leads to Espluga de les Vaques, in Ribalera.

3. The experience of these workshops has been very positive for the formation of the boys who have taken part and for the good work done in the recovery of the paths and the cultural patrimony of Catalonia.