The past 23rd of July 2005, we handed the Diploma of Partner of Honour to Eugeni Coll of Fenollet.

Eugeni got to know saint Josemaría Escrivá de Balaguer at his house of Fenollet on November 29th of 1937. In those days he was 14 years old and was in charge of going to fetch the bread either to Coll de Nargó or Organyà. As almost every week or every 15 days there was some expedition of people who went to Andorra, he varied the place every now and again in order not to arouse suspicions.

All the members of that expedition on its way to Andorra still remembered many years later the magnificent food and the great way they were treated by these people of Fenollet. They ate very well: Rabbit with beans according to some, charcoal-grilled lamb according to others, but one way or another, they ate extraordinarily.

These days there is a workshop at the Fenollet area. Altogether there are 9 young people who are fixing the ascent to the channel of Grau del Fangueret, the descent from Santa Fe to Cabó River and the ascent to Ares.

All these boys live in Fenollet, since it is a Country House of Rural Tourism, and we can once again confirm the hospitality of these people: Eugeni, his wife Carme and especially his daughter Rosa, who treats them like a mother.