53 Km in three days

A brief summary of the walk

Saturday 29.04. Madrid-Peramola-Pallerols

Taking advantage of the holidays from April 29 to May 2, a group of nine mountain friends left Madrid in two cars to Catalan lands to follow in the footsteps of St. Josemaría Escrivà de Balaguer on his escape route to Andorra in the fall of 1937. The mountaineers were the following: Javier, Santiago, Rafael, Manuel, Carlos, Antonio, Martin, Manuel and Víctor.

We arrived in Peramola around 4:30 p.m. and after we settled in the Fonda La Masia, we visited the Pajar, where St. Josemaría spent the night of 19-20 November 1937.

Afterwards we leave for Pallerols where we visit the church and the rectory. The plan was to go to Mass in Organyà at 19:00, anticipated for Sunday, and we did. After Mass we went to leave the cars in Les Masies de Nargo, arrival point of the first stage the next day. After this management we returned by taxi to Peramola, centre of our operations.

Sunday 30/04. Peramola – Les Masies de Nargó

At 9:00 we leave Peramola walking in the direction of Corb Rock, we visit the House of Corb, we pass by Coll de Mur and we arrive at the Ribalera. We continue along the Jaça canal, where we eat and then descend to Les Masies de Nargó, where we arrive at 18:15. Since the day before we had left the cars in Les Masies we return to Peramola comfortably. Magnificent tour, very varied, with strong climbs and splendid views.

Monday 01.05. Climb to the mountain of Ares

We left the cars next to the road, near the farm Oliva de Cabó, and took the ascent to Ares: almost 1,000 m of difference and three hours of continuous climbing (13h). We eat right in front of the abandoned village church. We continue towards Baridà and Noves de Segre (17:30 h). In Noves de Segre we had arranged a taxi that takes us to Oliva de Cabó, where we have the cars. We return to Organyà and were lucky enough to speak with Father Jordi, parish priest of the church of Santa Maria de Organyà who accompanied us on a visit to the church explaining the characteristics of it and the different architectural stages in which it has been transformed. We also visit the loft that has recently been restored. It was very interesting and Fr. Jordi offered to accompany us on some of the walks the next time we come to make the route, and could even celebrate the mass in one of the sections.

Tuesday 02/05. Rio de Civís – Sant Julià de Lòria

We leave very soon from Peramola to hear Mass in the Seu de Urgell (08:30) and then go to the beginning of the stage, the River of Civís (10h). Rise of the Ravine of the Dead Cabra (12:00), Argolell (13:30) and we arrive at the Mas de Alins at 14:30. We ate with sandwiches on the way down to Sant Julià de Lòria, where we arrived around 16:00. We visit the church with the statue of Saint Josemaría and finally return to Madrid.

A few days lived very intensely both physically and spiritually. Route highly recommended for people who like the mountain, with varied landscapes – from Peramola to Andorra – in permanent contact with nature and well fed in the Fonda La Masia, Peramola. Better if instead of 3 days you spend 6 days to make the Andorra Trail complete and with time ahead.