We have rectified a section of the Camí d’Andorra, in the area from Juncàs to Santpou

On Saturday, February 8, a group of 13 people did clearing, painting and vertical signage in the area of ​​Juncàs i Ribalera, on the Camí d’Andorra.

It was a question of recovering the traditional way to go from Juncàs to Santpou and La Ribalera. With this new path we shorten the route from Torrent de les Caubes to La Ribalera for more than half an hour.

This new path consists of two sections: lower section and upper section. In each of the two sections a different team worked:

Team 1: Jordi Pérez, Ramon Bosch, Eusebio Garcia and Josep Ma Vila, in clearing and painting work in the lower section of the road.

Team 2: Octavio Rico, JJ. Crespo, Paco Penella and Daniel Macià, in clearing and painting work in the upper section of the road.

Team 3: Ramon Camats, Pepe Martínez, Manel Salud and Fr. Xavier Pont, in works of placement of 4 posts (numbers 16, 21, 22 and 48 with the corresponding signs) and cleaning of the signs number 17.

Jordi Piferrer supervises and assists.

The attached photos show some of the work done: placement of sticks and signs for team 3, and components for team 2. Unfortunately team 1 did not take photographs because they were so absorbed in the works they forgot about.

At 10:00 o’clock we found ourselves in the Casa del Pont, in Peramola, where we left loaded with the corresponding materials: 2 brushes, 6 scissors, 2 chainsaws, 2 glitter, cement, water, 2 equipment of painting with the blue and yellow colors, brushes, plain water, rags, gloves, nails, etc.

We could have 4 special cars needed to get around the slopes and mountain paths in the area of ​​Juncàs. One of the cars was from Josep Finestres, from Cal Toà (Hostal del Llac), from Coll de Nargó, who usually collaborates with us. It was at this hostel that at 15:20, having finished the work, we had a good lunch.

At 18:00 we arrived in Pallerols where we had Mass, which was celebrated by Fr. Xavier Pont.

A work and rest plan is highly recommended for you to sign up for every second Saturday of the month. The next departure is March 14. Do not miss it!