Making vertical signs on the road from Pallerols to Andorra

On Saturday 15 May, a group of 8 volunteers carried out vertical signage work in the Argolell and Collada de la Torre areas.

We placed 1 sign and 2 beacons in the Argolell area, and 2 signs and 3 beacons in the area Civís-Collada de la Torre-Cortals de Cal Roger.

The volunteers were: Octavio Rico, Jordi Piferrer, Ramon Bosch, Eusebio Garcia, Josep Maria Vila, Antoni Mas, Paco Penella and William Díaz.

The work started at 10 in the morning and ended at 3 in the afternoon, when exhausted from so much work we all went to make a good rib in Cal Peret, of Bellestar.

We highly recommend that if you want to spend a weekend of rest come with us on the second Saturday of each month we work on some stretch of the road from Pallerols to Andorra. The next outing will be on Saturday 12 June we will go to the Baridà area.

In the afternoon, Ramon, Eusebio and Jordi visited Joan de Cal Ferrer, in Sant Joan Fumat, to see how the old road from Sant Joan Fumat to La Farga de Moles has turned out. This path runs parallel to the river Civís along its left bank, and which Joan has recovered. This is the path taken by militiamen and carabinieri to control passers-by and smugglers who went up to Andorra through the Barranc de la Cabra Morta and other nearby passages.

The carabinieri who controlled the border crossing lived in Sant Joan Fumat and made this road several times a day, so that the passage through these places was very guarded.

With the recovery of this ancient path, we are expanding the possibilities of making complete walks through the border area and thus reliving the experiences of so many people who passed through these roads in search of freedom.