16 volunteers at the service of walkers

On Saturday, October 12, we met 16 volunteers to carry out work of placing posts and signs of vertical signage, as well as clearing the road and horizontal signage with the blue and yellow colors of the Andorra Trail.
We meet at 10 in the morning at the Fonda del Llac, Coll de Nargó. There was a general explanation of the work to be done and 4 work teams were formed equipped with two brushcutters, two drills, posts, signs, paint, etc.
We all climbed up to Fenollet in off-road cars that allowed us to easily access the points and post placement points in the section that goes from Fenollet to the Pont del Codó, on the Valldarques river, near Les Masies de Nargó. A fourth group went to the Peramola area to carry out signaling work that was pending completion.

The volunteers came from different places in Catalonia. From the province of Lleida: Paco Penella, Pepe Martínez, Josep Maria Vila, Ramon Camats, Manuel Salud, Antoni Mas, Joaquín Monserrat and Josep, his son. From the province of Barcelona: José Juan Crespo, Jordi Pérez, Enrique Tormo and Jordi Piferrer. From Girona: Ramon Bosch and Eusebio García, and finally from El Salvador, William Díaz and José Gilberto Loucel.
Finished the works, we went to eat at the Fonda la Masia, in Peramola. At 6:30 pm, some of us attended Mass at the Pallerols church, where there was a group of about 30 people, families with their children, from the Rumbau youth club, from L’Hospitalet de Llobregat.

A day very well exploited, with an intense work and the joy of having collaborated in clarifying even more the road of Andorra to which many people come increasingly.
The next departure will be on Saturday, November 9, as always on the second Saturday of each month.

Do not miss and come with your friends.