We are perfecting the Pallerols-Andorra route

As every second Saturday of the month, on January 11, 2020, a group of 8 volunteers went to work on the Andorra Trail. They were research work and that is why we went so few people, in total 8 people.

We were divided into two groups: One group went to the church of Pallerols to investigate aspects of the old Romanesque church and its extension in 1793. The other group went to the Ribalera area to discover an old one way more in agreement with the historical writings that we have.

Initially we had plotted the route passing the house of Santpou because we thought to make a refuge, but because the house is in very poor condition we left this project and continue on an older path that left the house of Santpou, as some writings of the 1937 expeditionaries say.

Group 1 was made up of: Daniel Fité, historian, Fr. Xavier Pont, architect and historian, and Ramon Camats, telecommunications engineer. Unfortunately we do not have photographs of the works of this group, as they dedicated themselves to hard work. However at the end of the research we will publish the results.

Group 2 was formed by: Josep Boix, owner of Juncàs and expert on these roads that are his property, Octavio Rico, Jordi Pérez, José Juan Crespo and Jordi Piferrer, all of them with extensive experience in discovering and signaling mountain routes.

Attached is a map of the new variant and some photos from this second group. We must warn that Octavio does not go there because he is the one who takes the pictures.

In the attached map you can see in red the path that we are currently following (which will remain as a signaled variant with yellow round on the ground). In blue dots the new path is shown, which saves half an hour, and we will signal on the ground with the blue and yellow colors of the Andorra Trail.