Happy to be in Pallerols

Some women from different countries went from Torreciudad (Huesca) to Pallerols. Gemma Beltrán, one of the assistants, briefly explains their experience:

On Thursday, July the 11th, we arrived for the first time to Pallerols. We were a Group of people that came from Torreciudad and all of us were from different cities: Jerusalem, Vienna, Rome, Seville and Barcelona.

Ramon Camats received us in the village of Ponts and explained to us many things related to Pallerols and the passage of St. Josemaría through these lands and from them to Andorra: we started with the Oliana’s Bridge, the Peramola’s haystack, the Vilaró’s house, the Empordanès and Pallerols itself.

Once we arrived at Pallerols, we calmly saw every corner, every detail, … and we ended up seeing a summarized documentary of the real whole journey of the Father. Three hours that passed by very quickly.

After lunch, we prayed for a while in the church and we took lovely photos. Then we walked up to the Cabin of San Rafael and, as it was getting late, we returned back to Torreciudad.

We are very grateful for all the explanation and attention we received. We really enjoyed the stay.

I wanna thank all the friends and members of the Pallerols Way Association and recognize all their efforts to preserve and make visible this important stage in St. Josemaría’s life to the world.