Retrieving the Route to Andorra

From 20th to 30th of July, a group of 13 boys and 3 monitors from the Cimal Youth Club of Terrasa took part in a Work Camp in the area of Pallerols.

Specifically, they accomplished the following tasks:

– Finishing the Hut of San Rafael.

– Retrieving and improving the appearance of the fountains of Pallerols, Ametllers and Comalpou.

– Clearing weed from the paths and marking the trails on the way to the Hut, the Corb, to the fountains and to Bassa.

– Restoring the floor tiles of the old dinning room of the Rectory, which will be placed back once the house is rebuilt.

In addition to working, they went on cultural visits to the nearby villages, played soccer, attended daily Eucharist celebrations, engaged in discussions of humanity and Christianity, and cooled down in the rivers of the area and swimming pool of the house where they were living, participated in gatherings and games… and generally they made these days a great opportunity for rest, personal improvement and service to others.

The monitors were: Miguel Rossy, Jaume Ventura and Oscar Matías.

The boys were: Sabadell brothers Oriol and Marc, Poch brothers Albert and Gabriel, David Roca, Marc Ros, Josep Vives, Fernando Gracia, Eugenio Llop, Luis javier Blasi, Elías Jiménez, Álvaro Font and Josep María Bigatà.

A priest also attended: Mn. Ignasi Fabregat.

The cook was Juan Antonio Fontanet, of Sant Cugat of Vallès, a great professional who fed this group of boys for 10 days, that after working were very hungry.