Encourage you to come with your families to Pallerols

On Sunday, May 22, a group of Friends of Pallerols made a pilgrimage to the Virgin of the Roser of Pallerols. It was attended by about 30 people from different parts of Catalonia and Andorra.

At around 11 a.m., different groups began to arrive, and a guided tour of the rectory and church began while other people prepared the image and decorated it with flowers.

At 12:15 the procession began around the church with the Holy Rosary.

At 12:45 the Mass was celebrated by Fr. Francesc Montuenga. In the homily he glossed over the verses composed by the monk of Montserrat, Oriol Diví, noting that just as saint Josemaría spent a night of darkness and mourning in Pallerols, may the Virgin Mary move in peace and consolation, too -when we ascend in Pallerols- we receive peace from the Virgin in our tribulations, and -full of the joy received- we will know how to give to others the flowers of holiness that we will spread all over the world: the peace and joy of God.

The verses of the monk Oriol Diví, translated into English, read as follows:

Between faith and remorse

making way for darkness and mourning

in Pallerols a rose

he changed his anguish into consolation.

See St. Josemaría

the Virgin in such a precious gift

that the path of our life

give flowers of holiness.

An endearing party in an atmosphere of peace and serenity that the Virgin Mary gives us whenever we go to Pallerols.