Celebrating the feast of St. Peter and St. Paul

Mn. Jaume Mayoral, Rector of Agramunt and Ribera del Sió, gives us a summary of the Meeting of priests of ​​the Archpriest’s Office of Urgell Mitjà

On Monday, June 29, while celebrating the liturgical feast of St. Peter and St. Paul, the priests who form the Archdiocese of Urgell Mitjà held the end-of-year meeting, and also the first since the confinement due to the Covid -19. This year with a trip to Pallerols de Rialb, where they were received by Mr. Ramon Camats -on behalf of the “Friends of the Way from Pallerols of Rialb to Andorra“- who acted as a guide to explain a little about the history of Saint Josemaría Escrivá and his passage through Pallerols.

Before starting the visit, the priests said the Minor Hour prayer in the church of Sant Esteve, a prayer in which they asked for the intercession of Saint Peter and Saint Paul, as well as the Virgin of the Roser who is venerated in this Romanesque church of the tenth century, with modifications of later centuries. They then made a tour of the church remembering the places where St. Josemaría spent the days he was in Pallerols, in November 1937, in difficult times humanly and spiritually, due to the situation of the war that was being lived.

Then they visited the Rectory, now transformed into a place of welcome and spirituality, for many people from all over the world -last year they visited Pallerols, about 85 groups from around the world, with a total of 1,228 people, mostly young people and many families-. A 20-minute video showing the adventure of Saint Josemaría on his escape trip to Andorra through the Pyrenees, in the autumn of ‘year 1937; a story full of difficulties, uncertainties, but above all of trust and faith in God.

Then, in the same room, there was a little exchange of experiences of the priests in these days of pandemic, as has been the case with the priests and the accompanying communities. Also Archpriest Mn. Balagué reported on some diocesan news, and after a round of interventions where the possibility of doing some formative activity of catechists in the area was pointed out in this place, he returned to Ponts to share lunch and celebrate the saint of Mn. Pere Morales.

A well-lived day to root the friendship and the pastoral and spiritual work of the small group of priests who attend the area of ​​Urgell Mitjà.