On Saturday January 14th of 2006 we will complete the Long Walk from Sellent River to Cabó River

This Long walk corresponds to a part of the one the expedition of 1937 did, on November 29th.

We will walk about 12 km, with an ascent of 640 metres and a descent of 580 metres. The duration will be 5 hours: 2.5 hours until arriving at Fenollet, and another 2.5 hours to go from Fenollet to the Cabó River.

You should go well equipped to stand the cold and wear good shoes, as well as some food for the journey. Don’t forget to bring something to drink with you, too. In Fenollet we will be able to rest a little.

We enclose maps and photos that indicate the exact route.

We will meet at 10.00 in the morning at the bar of the petrol station- Betriu Hotel of Coll de Nargó.