The current image of the Virgin of the Rosary that is in the church of Pallerols, was given by Joan

Joan Gallostra was a great friend of Pallerols. The image that is currently in the church of Pallerols was given by him.

This image is a copy of the one that exists in the diocesan museum of La Seu d’Urgell, which is the image that was in the church of Puig and that was not destroyed during the Spanish civil war. The Romanesque church of Puig is one very close to Pallerols, and its inhabitants say that the two images were very similar, by the same author.

In other nearby churches there are images of the same style: for example the Virgin of the Rosary from the church of Ordino (Andorra) is also very similar.

The last time Joan was in Pallerols was on May 5, 2019 to celebrate the 57th anniversary of his wedding with his family. Fh. Pere Pascual celebrated the Holy Mass, and after the Eucharist ended, they visited the church and the rectory, reliving the events that Saint Josemaría lived in November 1937.