Coinciding with the dates in which saint Josemaría Escrivá found a wooden rose at the Church of Pallerols, we want to commemorate, 67 years later, this anniversary.

Saint Josemaría found the rose at dawn of November 22nd of 1937, in difficult time of his life, in which he had strong doubts about what God’s will on the situation was. The Virgin Mary comforted him and gave him confidence to continue his journey to Andorra, and gave him a wooden rose as a symbol of her will.

This rose belonged to the altarpiece or to the image of the Virgin Mary of Roser, that had been on an altar of the Church, which in November 1937, was totally destroyed.

To remember this episode, the holy Mass will be celebrated at the church of Pallerols at 12 o’clock, at the same place where all these events took place.

The painter Xavier Cabanach will give a painting of the figure of saint Josemaría Escrivá as a present.

We hope to see you there!

Aspecte de l'Església de Pallerols, el 23 de novembre de 2003, quan va tenir lloc la I Trobada de la Rosa.