An impressive adventure described by the protagonists themselves

For the third consecutive year, some guys from the Codec club in Madrid have gone for a few days at the end of summer (from August 29 to September 3), to spend a few days in Pallerols to complete various stages of the San Josemaría Pyrenees Pass.

This time we were joined by some from the Mizar club. A collaboration between clubs that has borne much fruit.

After arriving the first day and visiting the Peramola haystack, we put on our hiking boots and made a short excursion to the Saint Raphael Cabin, where Chema, who came from Barcelona to support our coexistence, read us several milestones of the stay of Saint Josemaría in this magnificent place. On the way back, a big downpour fell on us. We arrived at Pallerols wet but happy.

On the 30th we got up and prayed in Pallerols and then went to the Ribalera ravine. There we had Holy Mass, like Saint Josemaría, and then we had to climb the Aubenç mountain. It was hard but, we made it! Upon reaching the summit, a spongy lawn awaited us, where we ate, and a humid forest on the descent. After several hours we ended up in an indescribable pool. There were two who broke their shoes – they didn’t complain – and many details of great generosity. We end the day dining under the stars.

Third day, August 31, we really discover what water is. We got up, we prayed for a while and Mass with the organ… And then we started the trip by car to Noves de Segre to do the stage of the rivers with a threatening sky. As soon as the walk began, the universal deluge began. Soaked we decided to continue, there was nothing to lose.

We crossed valleys and rivers -we prayed the Rosary while-, and to avoid the mud we decided to ally ourselves with the enemy and we got into the river. It was a great experience going in and out of the Aravell River for several hours. We ended up soaked to the bone, but having thoroughly enjoyed the stage. It was the one we liked the most. After the Vietnamese march we reached the end of the route crossing a golf course… Pablo received us with chocolate and we ate at Seu d’Urgell… where, to our surprise, we discovered the training sessions for the Extreme Kayak World Championship. Amazing the strength of the river. Later, we passed through the town and visited the cathedral where we took the opportunity to have a meditation and sing to the Virgin. Another unforgettable day!

The next day we continued the march where we had left off, after the Aravell golf course, to climb the Collada de la Torre, the last peak before reaching Andorra. We cross farms, dairy farms, and rocky climbs until we enter a lush forest to eat at the top. After praying the Rosary we unleash our energies in the descent at high speed. We ended the day swimming in a lake (some found a kayak and had a good time) and then we had meditation and dinner in Pallerols under the stars.

Day 2 was the last day of our journey. After facing the last peak of the Andorra Trail through the Cabra Morta pass, we arrive in Andorra. There, after crossing several cattle farms, we celebrated Mass in the countryside, and then we enjoyed Andorra: we drove along beautiful mountain roads, and we went to visit Our Lady of Meritxell, patron of Andorra. As a culmination, we went to bathe in the Segre River, in an area with many rapids. Hilarious!

Now we are ready for the start of the course. We have learned to walk with generosity like Saint Josemaría. Hopefully that rose that the Virgin gave to Saint Josemaría can one day also be ours.

Finally, we would like to thank all the friends of Pallerols for their warm welcome, their instructions and for letting us spend some great days in the Pyrenees. Next year more and better!