A) From Ponts and Gualter

At the exit of Ponts in the direction of Seu de Urgell, in front of the Hotel Pedra Negra, there is a roundabout where we will locate our km. 0. There, take the C-1412b road to Gualter and Tremp.

– Upon reaching km. 1,2 we arrive to Gualter, a village where we do not enter, but we follow the road in the direction of Tremp.

– At the km. 12,8 we reach a junction: on the right, Politg (road LV-5118 that goes to Peramola). Following the direction of the main road (C-1412b) we would reach Tremp. We go towards Politg.

– At the km. 15.3 we cross a bridge over the Rialb River.

– At the km. 18,7 we reach Politg; we leave the town on our right and continue along the road.

– At the km. 24,9 we find, on our left, the detour to Pallerols.

– At the km. 26.4 we reach Pallerols.


            B) From Oliana and Peramola

Leaving Oliana in the direction of the Seu d’Urgell (road C-14), we pass by the Peramola bridge over the Segre river. We call it km. 0, the point before crossing the bridge.

– After the bridge, turn left (making a loop), leave the C-14 and take the LV-5118 road towards Peramola.

– At the km. 1.0 we will reach the Casa del Pont (which we leave on the left).

– At the km. 4,3 we arrive at the crossing of Peramola. We continue along the main road without entering Peramola.

– At the km. 12.5 we arrive at the Pallerols junction. We turn right to get to Pallerols in 1.5 Km. Be aware that a few kilometres before there is a sign that says “Camí de Pallerols”; Do not take this deviation from the right, as it is a way intended for walking, but not for cars.

– At the km. 14,0 we will reach Pallerols.