Seven days working restoring the old trails of Pallerols

­ From 24th to 30th of July, a group of five boys and a monitor from the Westpark Club of London (part of the Opus Dei Prelature) took part in a Work Camp in the area of Pallerols de Rialb (Lleida – Catalonia – Spain).

Specifically, they accomplished the following tasks:

– Clearing weeds from the paths and marking the trails from the Bridge of Peramola to Peramola, and then from Peramola to Pallerols, through the Fountain of Comalpou.

– Varnishing the wood in Pallerols’ church.

In addition to working, they went on cultural visits to the nearby villages, played soccer, attended daily Eucharist celebrations, engaged in discussions of humanity and Christianity, and cooled down in the rivers of the area. They also lived with some other boys of Catalonia that were also at the Work Camp…and generally made these days a great opportunity for rest, personal improvement and service to others.

The monitor was Peter Virgili, and the boys were: Alex Philpott, Guy Nevard, Dominic Tighe, Vincent Freely and Max Krauel.

We thank them for all their dedication and the good work they have done.