At 9.00hrs in the morning of June 4th, 2005 16 members of the expedition will meet at the petrol station Valentí de Montferrer. The already “classic” dog of Angel “Rossa”, who in spite the tough time we made her spend in the ascent to Aubenç on May 8th 2005, has wanted to repeat a killer by ascending the gully of Cabra Morta. The people who walked came from different places: Barcelona, Girona, Lleida, Igualada, Solsona, Organyà and Andorra. Once again both 10 year olds named Josep and Enric, 13 years old, have joined us, which proves that these walks, in spite their undeniable toughness, are for all ages.

We ascended by car until Cal Roger and from here to Coll Peixader, where we rested for a little while. Afterwards we went down the leafy forest of Cogoll to Civís River, where we rested again. Finally we ascended the gully of Cabra Morta, and once we had ascended it we had some lunch. At around 16.30 hrs we at Argolell after passing in front of Bordes de Lluçà and the destroyed chapel of Santa Maria de Feners.

Once we had arrived at Argolell, Priest Pere Pasqual officiated the holy Mass, that also people of the town attended. The reason for the celebration of the holy Mass was double: on the one hand we celebrated the traditional celebration of Santa Maria of Feners, and on the other we will offer it in suffrage to our friend of Cal Sintet, Pere Fusté, who died on April 3rd. The Romanic image of Santa Maria de Feners was placed in a preferential and good visible place.

Attending the Mass were the widow of Pere, Paquita of Cal Sintet, and his son Josep, who takes care of the Mas d’Alins House since 10 years a go; Francesc Duró of Cal Caminal, with his sister-in-law together with her son and daughter; Fidel Pujol, from Cal Cadena, who now lives in Andorra and the wife of Cal Martí.

The Long Walk lasted about 6 hours and, like the previous ones, has been also another success. We enclose photos that show some aspects of this Long Walk, as well as -in the “documents” section- the extract of the book “Travessant la nit” (“Crossing the night”) that refers to the section that we walked. As you know, this book summarizes the story of the expedition in which saint Josemaría Escrivá de Balaguer went on, in autumn 1937, and that is useful to rediscover the itinerary.