On November 28th of 2004, 67 years after saint Josemaría Escrivá, a holy Mass at the gully of Ribalera was celebrated, at the place called Espluga de les Vaques. Altogether we were 20 people. Some arrived on foot from Torrent passing by the house of Corb, which took them a good two hours. Others came in a four-wheel-drive car until Santpou and from here they arrived easily in 30 minutes. Those of Juncars, Josep -the heir- and his brother Ramon also wanted to be at the Mass representing their father Josep Boix, who attended the Mass in 1937 and who presently doesn’t leave his home because he is crippled. The brothers came directly from Juncàs, the same way those of his house did in 1937 when they brought food for all the expedition.

Priest Domènec Melé officiated the Holy Mass. At the homily he remembered briefly the story of those days in 1937, mentioning the impression that the Mass officiated by saint Josemaría transmitted to the assistants. He added that throughout this year that saint Father had wanted to dedicate to the Eucharist, we would all have to intensify our devotion to this sacrament and to request all the priests for them also to increase this devotion. He concluded encouraging us to turn with confidence to the Virgin Mary and that all the events we remember these days are a reason for giving thanks to God.

It was a very intimate day that allowed us to relive closely all that took place on that 28th of November 1937.