The next 10.12.05, a Saturday, we plan to complete once again the ascent to the Channel of Jaça.

The Channel of Jaça, which the expedition of November of 1937 ascended on the evening of November 28th, is the most direct route from Espluga de les Vaques to Sallent river and to ascend later up to Fenollet.

It is a route that people of Juncàs frequently used to go to the House of Aubenç. It hadn’t been used for a long time, so it was difficult to travel on.

The first time that we used it, was on June 5th of 2004 accompanied by Jordi Pasques, President of the Hiking Centre of Oliana. In this first occasion we were a total of 9 people.

Shortly after, on October 10th of 2004, it was done by Toni Cucurull and Priest Xavier Amorós.

Later on, on March 26th of 2005, Priest Carles Palos accompanied by the brothers Joan and Miquel Solans, ascended it from Lleida with their bicycles on the back to later on descend it on the route from Aubenç to Coll de Nargó.

Finally on May 8th of 2005 a group of 16 of us went (please refer to the News section of May 8th of 2005 on our webpage www. pallerols- andorra. Org, to the title “Chronicle of the Long walk from Santpou to Valldarques river”).

On another occasion a few people who went by their own could not arrive at the summit of the channel.

On October 29th and 30th 2005, a team of volunteers of Girona cleaned and marked the ascent of the Channel, so that as from October 30th it is perfectly passable, since it is clean and marked with the colours blue and yellow, which you already know are the signals of the Passage to Andorra. Traçat de la pujada a la Canal de la Jaça, des de l'Espluga de les Vaques al Barranc de la Ribalera.

Even so we must warn that not everybody can cope with walking this channel. Only those people with experience in walking on high mountains, as it has a sudden unevenness of 300 metres, with a bit of an aerial pass at the exit of the channel, with no danger if the appropriate precautions are taken.

It is important to warn those who want to ascend it never to ignore the blue and yellow signals that indicate the way, since there are precipices in other places outside of the marked area. This recommendation is especially important if one descends it.

The volunteers who on the last 29th and 30th of October cleaned and signalized the channel of Jaça are the following: Pep Sarquella, Jaume Catalan, Ramon Bosch, Jesús Domingo and Jordi Piferrer.

After this signalization the ascent along this channel is considered safe, understanding well that in future occasions the itinerary will have to be slightly modified in order to adapt it to the traditional path that our ancestors of these regions followed. In this sense we await your suggestions to improve the layout.