An expected visit in Pallerols

Last 7th of June Ignacio Gómez-Sancha and his wife Inmaculada, together with their daughters Inés, Almudena and María, visited Pallerols.

Ignacio is one of the promoters and producer of the movie There be Dragons, (“Encontrarás Dragones” in Spanish), where there are several scenes with Pallerols as the backdrop. This is one why Ignacio was very interested in knowing Pallerols and its surroundings.

He was accompanied during the visit by the following representatives of the Foundation and the Association: Ramon Cucurull and his wife Tessy, Francesc Mora with his wife Eloisa and Jordi Piferrer.

They all visited the straw loft of Peramola, the Church of Pallerols, the Rectory y and the Cabin of San Rafael.

Ignacio was very impressed by the visit and he will look for International supporters that may be excited by the project for Pallerols.

All those interested in contributing, are very welcome to do so by clicking here.