You also enjoy walking these paths of freedom

During the weekends of the months of February and May, the De Gomis Vila family, from Lleida, with 3 children between 4 and 6 years old, are making the Crossing of the Pyrenees Pass. In some sections they have been accompanied by several families, friends of theirs, with their children.

So far they have completed the following steps:

1.- Peramola-Pallerols, along the path of Sant Marc

2.- Pallerols-San Rafael Cabin

3.- Peramola-Roca del Corb

4.- Roca del Corb-Casa de Aubenç, by the Canal de la Jaça

5.- House of Aubenç-Pont del Codó

6.- Pont del Codó-Can Fenollet

7.- Can Fenollet-Riu de Cabó

For the weekend of April 22 they plan to do the section from Riu de Cabó to Can Pallarès.

To successfully reach their goal, they have followed the routes indicated on the maps in the book “Camí d’Andorra“; and to know the history behind these traditional paths they have followed the book “Camino de Liberación“.

The components of these excursions have frequently expressed the joy that comes from combining history with geography and sports, while discovering the richness of the natural and cultural environment along the way.