The past 26th June of 2005 we celebrated the festivity of saint Josemaría with a Mass at Pallerols. About 20 people attended.

Priest Pere Pasqual is who officiated the Mass. In the homily he emphasized three aspects of the celebration:

– In first place we celebrated Sunday, the day of God.

– Secondly, he referred to Josep Boix of Juncàs, who died last 29th of May, and for whom we also offered the Mass.

– Finally he referred to the figure of saint Josemaría, emphasizing his faithful commitment to the will of God and his constant turning to the Virgin Mary, especially in difficult situations, as it was once on November 22nd in this precise church of Pallerols.

Once the Holy Mass had finished, we gave Josep Boix’s children a diploma that credits him as a Member of Honour of the “Friends of the Route from Pallerols de Rialb to Andorra Association”.

Before the Mass, some of us took a stroll to Cabana de Sant Rafael, Bassa, etc.

Also, on the evening of the previous day, a few of us went to Corb House and to Ribalera, from Torrent.

As usual, all those who attended were delighted with the experience of this contact with these lands through where saint Josemaría passed. It is an experience that, we are noticing constantly, touches inwardly the people who spend a few hours in these places who, by the way, are always very happy for having been.