Associació d'amics del camí de Pallerols de Rialb a Andorra
Celebration of 80 years in Pallerols
Pallerols is a great place for your celebrations

On April 23, more than 30 people met at Pallerols to celebrate the 80th anniversary of Jordi Piferrer. They came to Pallerols from Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Lleida,... Emilio traveled from Holland so as not to miss the celebration.

The night before, to prepare everything, they arrived at Pallerols: Octavio, Luis and Gloria, Joaquim and Montserrat, Pedro Javier (his wife Chus could not come because of severe tonsillitis). Two fundamental people arrived from Igualada: Manuel and Mateo, who treated us to a phenomenal paella.

At 12 noon began the celebration of the Eucharist that officiated Mn. Norbert Estariol. In the homily he stressed that it was a day of thanksgiving and that our work at Pallerols consisted fundamentally of trying to do things in such a way that many people from all over the world could also come to this place to give thanks.

After Mass we went to the second floor of the rectory to watch some videos made by many friends of Pallerols who were unable to attend. The videos came from people living in Rome, Jerusalem, New York, Miami, Slovenia, Andorra, Barcelona, ​​Lleida, Madrid, Girona, Pamplona, ​​etc. There were more than 50 videos that joined the celebration!

Then lunch, the magnificent paella!, and in the desserts the memories of the attendees about so many unforgettable experiences lived in Pallerols throughout the almost 20 years since we began the reconstruction of the rectory and the recovery of the road from Oliana to Andorra. How many memories!

In short, an unforgettable day that we highly recommend to all those who want to celebrate their anniversaries at Pallerols!

Note.- You can follow some moments of the celebration, with the photographs taken by Florentí Ysern and the two attached videos edited by Octavio Rico from the photos on the website and the filming he did himself.

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