Associació d'amics del camí de Pallerols de Rialb a Andorra
We have just placed all the vertical signage on the Camí d'Andorra
On October 9 we have been working 30 people on the Camí d'Andorra

The objective of the work to be carried out on Saturday, October 9, was to place the last sign that we needed to have the 100 km of the "Andorra Trail", which goes from Oliana to Andorra, passing through Pallerols de Rialb.

Taking advantage of the fact that a group of 15 boys from Pamplona wanted to come to Pallerols to spend a few days of coexistence and study, we suggested that they collaborate in the signaling of the Baridà-Noves de Segre section. They were delighted to accept and this is how this magnificent collaboration arose.

We were a total of 30 people: 15 from Pamplona and another 15 from Lleida and Barcelona.

From the Lleida group we highlight the presence of the Emilio and Eva couple with their three children Emilio, Marc and Ignacio.

Below we transcribe the chronicle that the group from Pamplona sent us.

Taking advantage of the four days of the Pilar bridge, in the Lantegi club (Pamplona) we decided to go to Pallerols with a group of boys from 4th of ESO and 1st of high school to learn a little more about the passage of the Pyrenees that Saint Josemaría did and spend a few unforgettable days in a wonderful environment. We stayed in the refuge next to the church, very comfortable and perfectly equipped, which allowed us to relive the experience of Saint Josemaría more closely.

On Saturday, October 9, we joined another group of volunteers to help with road maintenance. We did part of the descent from the Ares mountain in the opposite direction, repainting signs and clearing the brush, which made the steep climb from the Noves de Segre quarry to Borda de Baridà more enjoyable. When we arrived at La Borda, they gave us a succulent meal: sausages, rack of lamb and freshly picked mushrooms; and for dessert an excellent Catalan cake. After all the morning of work, such a good and substantial meal was greatly appreciated, and we enjoyed it even more for the good company and the beauty of the place. At all times of the four days spent there we felt very welcome and treated, but of course this meal was one of the moments in which we noticed it the most.

Before dinner, back in Pallerols, Ramon told us the details of the days spent there by Saint Josemaría and we watched a very well done documentary and highly recommended to learn about the history of the Pyrenees pass.

The next day, Sunday the 10th, we spent it quietly in Pallerols, because we had to make time to study. In the afternoon we go to the Cabaña de San Rafael, a very worthwhile visit, a short distance from the church.

On Monday we decided to go to Andorra to enjoy the views of the Pyrenees and get to know better the place where Saint Josemaría arrived after the long days of walking. We were in the Tristaina lakes, even some brave people climbed this peak, a place of breathtaking beauty. In the afternoon we went to pray at the church of Sant Esteve de Andorra la Vella, the church where Saint Josemaría celebrated Holy Mass on December 4, 1937, one of the 9 days that he stayed in Andorra after crossing the border. The other days he celebrated Mass in Escaldes-Engordany. We end this day visiting some central streets of the Andorran capital and late we return to Pallerols, our base camp.

After these intense days, on Tuesday it was time to return to Pamplona, ​​with regret for how short our stay in Pallerols has lasted, but with very good memories of how well we have had and eager to return.

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