Associació d'amics del camí de Pallerols de Rialb a Andorra
Girls from Syria, Argentina, Boston, Mexico and Catalonia in Pallerols
An unforgettable experience that they will bring to their countries

On Sunday, June 12th, a very heterogeneous group of nine women (Zoya from Syria, Camila and Carolina from Argentina, Angie, coming from Boston, Maria and Ana Maria from Mexico, and Judit, Carol and Laura from Catalunya) went to Pallerols, for the purpose of following Saint Josemaría's footsteps through the Pyrenees. We were incredibly lucky to have Ramon Camats, a member of the Amigos del Camino de Pallerols a Andorra, guiding us and teaching us about the events that took place during Saint Josemaría's traverse by recreating the sequence of events that the Saint and his group lived. To begin the journey, he met us in Ponts, and from there we went to the Peramola bridge, followed by the haystack in Peramola where the group spent the night.

 Next we went to the refuge of Pallerols, where we watched an excellent documentary about the group's original journey, prepared by the Asociación. Later in the afternoon, we trekked to the cabin of Saint Raphael, another important hiding point for the group, and then drove to Andorra for the vigil mass at the church of Sant Julià de Lòria. We got to see the oratory of Canòlich, and pray next to the statue of Saint Josemaría.

We spend the night at the refuge of Pallerols, which is very well equipped for groups, and a few of us got the opportunity to sleep in the exact "oven" where Saint Josemaría and his group spent the night on the evening of November 21, 1937.

In the morning we trekked over to the Casa del Corb, and went on the cliff of the Ribalera. Following a 3,5 hour hike, we restored our strengths with a delicious lunch, prepared on the rocks with our camping cooking gear. The hot sun made the hike strenuous, but we drew strength to carry on by remembering the harsh conditions that Saint Josemaría and his group had to endure along the same path. On the way back, we joked and dreamed about the cold drinks that waited for us at the end of the hike in Peramola, which helped us along the final push!

With this recount of our journey, we hope to give the warmest thank you to the Amigos del Camino de Pallerols a Andorra for hosting us in such a special way, and for all their efforts to maintain and support the path for pilgrims who faithfully come to relive this important itinerary. Special thanks to Ramon and Jordi! We hope to come back in the future, and hopefully collaborate with some of the many tasks necessary to maintain this path, such as adding signage and directions along the path!

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