Associació d'amics del camí de Pallerols de Rialb a Andorra
Volunteers working on the Andorra Trail
An interesting alternative to cross the river of Civís

On October 10, a team of 10 volunteers will meet at 10 am at the Valentí gas station of Bellestar. Two working groups were held.

The first group, equipped with a brush cutter, scissors and paint, carried out maintenance work in the area of ​​the Castellbó and Aravell rivers. It was formed by: Paco Penella, Jordi Pérez, Ramon Camats, Daniel Macià, Pepe Martínez and Enrique Tormo.

The second group, equipped with scissors and GPS, carried out research work in the area of ​​the Civís river, to discover more accurately the passage of the river, before starting the ascent to the Barranc de la Cabra Morta. It was formed by: Octavio Rico, Ramon Bosch, Eusebio Garcia and Jordi Piferrer.

The first team cleared the Borda del Riu area and the Castellbó river crossing until reaching the first Aravell river crossing. He also nailed a vertical signpost past the Castellbó river.

The second team directly connected the way down from Collada de la Torre to the river Civís. Once we have crossed the river, we continue the uphill path until we find the path that goes up to the Barranc de la Cabra Morta, which is the one we are currently following.

This new route is better adapted to the historical documents of the 1937 expedition, which is why it is more interesting than the one we followed until now, especially because we went down to the river of Civís as the protagonists of 1937 did.

Later we will place some wooden logs to cross the Civís river, although we have crossed it well through the stones that are there.

After 4 hours of intense work, at around 3 in the afternoon we had a good meal at the Fonda del Llac, in Coll de Nargó.

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