Associació d'amics del camí de Pallerols de Rialb a Andorra
Chronicle of the excursion from Aravell to Cal Roger

At 10.00h. February 12th 2005, we met at Adrall to go up the rivers of Castellb˛ and Aravell, towards Cal Roger. In the end we began to walk around 11.00h.

At the start we followed the way that goes along the river of Castellb˛. We passed along the cow farm called Borda del Riu, crossed the river of Castellb˛, that we left to our left, and from this point we went along the river of Aravell, that we crossed 5 times until leaving it when arriving at the gulf of Aravell, that we crossed until we arrived at Cal Tamborino, on the track that joins the town of Aravell with the one of Bellestar.

One goes through Cal Tamborino towards Caubella ascending along Serrat de la Mola. The ascent is constant until one arrives at Caubella. The view is always very interesting over the valleys of the rivers of Castellb˛, Aravell and Segre.


Once at Caubella we went towards some rocks that there are to the North, towards Collada de la Torre. The view from this point is magnificent: over the valley of Segre, with the CadÝ at the back, and Aubenš and Ares to the south.


Later on we returned, all the way downhill, passing along Cal Roger, Porredon and Edra. Finally we arrived at Cal Peret, in Bellestar, where we had a nice lunch, already at almost half past four.


Altogether we were 6 people, and we walked 5,30 hours. The weather, which was great, allowed us to do another little stretch of the route that saint Josemaria Escrivß did during autumn 1937, on his way to Andorra.


We enclose maps of the area, indicating the route that we did, and some photos that show a part of the landscape.


The next walk will be on March 26th, to coincide with the Saturday and Sunday of Resurrection.

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