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July 17, 2019
   Caminadas - Ruta 1Pallerols
To Pallerols, from several countries
They visit us from all over the world

July 12, 2019
   Caminadas - La Totalitat de la Ruta
Walking from Pallerols to Andorra, in five days

Can you do this walking tour?

July 9, 2019
   Caminadas - Ruta 1Caminadas - Ruta 2Caminadas - Ruta 4Caminadas - Ruta 6
From Ireland to Pallerols and Andorra

Irish Group follow the Path to Freedom that St Josemaría took over the Pyrenees in 1937

July 6, 2019
   Caminadas - Ruta 1Caminadas - Ruta 2Caminadas - Ruta 6Pallerols
Seminarians from different countries, to Pallerols.

From Pamplona to Pallerols and Andorra

June 29, 2019
Aplec of St. Josemaría 2019

An intimate family party lived with devotion

June 8, 2019
Reviewing the Way of Andorra
A well-used Saturday

June 1, 2019
   Caminadas - Ruta 1Caminadas - Ruta 2Caminadas - Ruta 6Pallerols
Visits during the month of May
People from different countries visit Pallerols

May 15, 2019
   Caminadas - Ruta 3
From Madrid to Pallerols

Three days reviving the adventure of the Pass of the Pyrenees.

May 11, 2019
Pilgrimage in Pallerols
About 50 people in the Pallerols pilgrimage


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